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Corporate Challenges

Promote a healthier workplace with fun and engaging corporate challenges.
Promote a healthier workplace with fun and engaging Corporate Challenges! Your company can target obesity, smoking, stress, as well as other wellness issues or health causes. You can choose one of our pre-designed challenges for quick and easy implementation. Or, allow us to custom design a challenge specific to your company’s needs. Our mission is to help you promote employee engagement, whether through ongoing programs that are an integral part of your corporate wellness culture.

Corporate Challenge Features

Add a Group/Team Challenge
In addition to joining a Corporate Challenge, employees can create their own teams for team challenges, simply just add a team and notify other employees to join your team. During challenges teams can work together to accomplish their goals throughout the challenge.

Join a Group/Team Challenge
Under the “My Team Group Challenges” header is a listing of company group challenges. After clicking on the add button, which appears next to the challenge, you will be directed to that challenge’s Team Management page. On this page, you can select which team to join with one simple click of a checkbox.

Join an Available Personal Challenge
Under the “Available Personal Challenges” header is a listing of available personal challenges. A “View” button and “Join Challenge” button are located to the right of each available personal challenge. By clicking on the view button, you can view challenge’s information and up-to-date data of other employees. Clicking on the “Join Challenge” link will allow you to join the challenge.

View Challenge Scoreboards
By clicking the “View” button, a employee can view detailed statistics for each challenge. An employee scoreboard displays personal challenge scores, while a team scoreboard displays a summary of each team’s statistics for a particular challenge. The team scoreboard also shows which employees have joined each team.

Enroll in Self Help Programs
Employees can enroll in self help programs in weight management, nutrition and activities to help accomplish their goals. If you need a program that is not included, please provide feedback on how we may be able to help you.