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Other WMS Tools

WMS offers many other tools for internet based health/wellness platforms.

Agent Dashboard

Wellness Management Systems has implemented an agent dashboard for companies to setup account customers on our wellness platform or any other company platform. This provides an interface to manage customer information, census information and shared files.

File Manager

Our File Manager interface allows corporations, employers, and other users the ability to share, download and upload files - with unlimited storage space.

Organization is easy, as all files can be placed in created folders, depending on your preference. No longer do you have to have the headaches of sorting through hundreds of emails in hopes of finding a file.

Project Manager

Our Project Management interface has all the tools needed for the planning, execution, and closing of any company project. This interfaces allows for the creation of projects, creation and tracking of project tasks, organization of project users, and allocation of tasks.

Secure Mail Manager

WMS provides a communications platform for your company to communicate and share access to secure messages and files. Access can be achieved where internet access and a simple web browser is available. Built in archiving provides you the peace of mind that you can retrieve communications or files whenever you may need them.