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A Whole New Level of Health Collaboration

Experience the benefits of an optimized online wellness coaching system.
Wellness Management Systems has created a revolutionary module that takes one-on-one coaching sessions to a whole new level. Employees have access to coaches that provide positive reinforcement, advice, and additional information and support at every step.

Our innovative wellness coaching solution includes:
1. Streamlined Scheduling Options
2. Configurable Program Eligibility Engine
3. Consolidated User Info
(Just a Click Away)
4. Customizable Reporting and Analysis
5. Integrated Communication Portal


Want to drive more efficient coaching programs? This is how our optimized online wellness coaching system comes into play. Our system makes coaching more streamlined and allows for more quality time spent with members. With our health collaboration tools, you can now do more with the limited time you have. Benefits include:

1. Streamlined Scheduling Options

2. Configurable Program Elibility Engine

3. Consolidated User Info

4. Customizable Reporting and Analysis

5. Integrated Communication Portal


We ensure security and privacy through our secure platform. Users receive a secure login and are able to reset their password. The encrypted password can be accessed only by the user. Wellness Management Systems is also compliant with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA). All personal health information is confidential. Responses and tracking information is encrypted and can only be viewed by the coaches. Security options include:

Password Strength Requirements
Password Expiration
Number of Password Reuse
Whitelist Options
IP Tracking

Wellness Management Systems offers multiple level role access. Our system is completely role-based, which allows us to maintain security and present the members with specific information needed to save time and money.

Account/Coaching/User Admin

Account Admin
We have created an intricate account manager designed to make account administration simple. Add and edit accounts and their coaching programs. Through this interface, admin users can add coaches and users as well.

Coaching Admin
Create coaches and their contact/user information within each account. A simple coaching list allows you to view a coach's available times, current sessions, and the ability to schedule users.

User Admin
Add and edit a user's personal and contact information within each account. You may also add and edit contact information, preferred call times, language, and employer information.

Coach & User Scheduling

Coach Scheduling
Your company can now administer the availability of coaches. Set timezones for coaches, set their available schedules by 10 minute, 15 minute, 20 minute, and many more increments. View their daily schedules, weekly schedules and monthly schedules as a whole.

User Scheduling
Through our dashboard interface, coaches can schedule users through our scheduling interface. If sessions are missed, our system can automatically reschedule or cancel a new session. Sessions can also be cancelled as well.

Info Sharing & Tracking

Shared information includes, but is not limited to, assessments, activities, biometrics and screenings.

Session Management

Coaches can quickly see and manage new coaching sessions from users and track response, timelines and similar requests from these existing users. Through our session manager, a coach can schedule and reschedule users, log notes on that particular coaching session, and view biometric screening information, assessment results and more.


We realize the importance of an analytic approach to tracking individual and overall progress. We offer many reporting options to analyze your account data thoroughly.

How We Differentiate From Our Competition

Secure Communications
Coaches and employees can communicate in a secure and private fashion through our integrated secure mail within coaching sessions.
User Centric
Employee have control over their and their dependents’ information and have the ability to self manage.
Shared Information
Simple information manager and favorites manager provide quick and easy ways to control access to information with service providers.
Qualitative Analysis
Analysis can be done on qualitative measures for coaching success and employee engagement.