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Cobranded Newsletters

Share insight into wellness with our corporate wellness newsletters.
Wellness Management Systems will provide your company the ability to co-brand a wellness newsletter to share with your clients, their employees and new prospects. Our wellness newsletter covers informative preventive, fitness, lifestyle and nutritional articles. We also feature an "Ask The Trainer" section for quick fitness tips. Help your clients get healthy by providing them educational wellness information.

How can our newsletter be provided?
1. Online Monthly
2. PDF
3. Email Template

A Newsletter With So Many Options

Our newsletter program provides you with a simple way to constantly communicate with your customers and their employees. You can decide how and when you want to use it. We also offer support for you and your web needs to get you up and running. Our newsletter is conveniently offered in three different versions:
Online Monthly Version
The Wellness Insight newsletter will be co-branded with your logo and contact information. It is also available for you to e-mail or print and provide to your clients. This provides a low cost approach to maintaining a constant relationship with your customers.
PDF Version
We will provide you with an embedded link on your website to open a co-branded monthly newsletter with archives. Your clients and prospects can have 24-7 access to current and prior newsletters.
E-Mail Template Version
Simple co-branded e-mail templates will be provided with teaser information on wellness and tips that are linked to read more...to your co-branded online articles.

Please note: Template is sent to your company. Your company's only task is to send it to your employees' e-mail addresses.

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